Traveling Exhibits

The museum offers a variety of traveling exhibitions for loan to qualified organisations. For details of our loan program contact the museum office at 204 989 0072 or contact us online.

Exhibits available for loan

The Little Black Dress
Through the years the black dress has moved from mourning to fashion fun and formality. The collection includes representative garments from 1890-1990.

1940's and 1950's
This exhibition speaks to the relationship between women's role in society and the costume worn, demonstrating how fashion changed from the war years of he 1940's to the refeminization of womens clothing in the 1950's.

Canada was founded on the fur trade. This exhibition traces that history. 

The Wedding dress
The costume a bride wears on her wedding day is tied to the economy and fashion of the day. This exhibition demonstrates the changes in bridal wear from the 1800's to the present. 

Paco Rabanne
Our collection includes several women's garments by this Spanish designer who is renowned for his use of unconventional materials including metal, plastic and paper. 

Arnold Scaasi is a Canadian born designer who created gowns for American First ladies, actresses and personalities of note.