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  • Lac du Bonnet Centennial
    Sunday 28 May 17
    Heritage Fashion Review
    Lac du Bonnet  


  • Riverview Health Centre
    Friday 12 May 17
    Heritage Fashion Review
    Riverview Health Centre  
  • Weddings, An Invitation to the Past at Winnipeg Nuit Blanche 2016
    Saturday 1 October 16
    This Nuit Blanche, join the Costume Museum of Canada as we showcase items from our extensive collection of wedding apparel. This exhibit will feature garments from the 1940's ranging from the austere, military-influenced fashion of the wartime period to the exuberant new look of the post war years. The display will be held at Dalnavert Museum Visitors Centre, 61 Carlton Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, on October 1, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
    Dalnavert Museum Visitor Centre 61 Carlton Street  
  • An Accessory Exhibit at Doors Open Winnipeg
    Sunday 29 May 16
    The Costume Museum presents an Accessory Exhibit. This exhibit will display women's and men's accessories from the Victorian era up to the 1950's. Admission free, donations greatly appreciated.
    Dalnavert Museum, 61 Carlton  
  • An Accessory Exhibit at Doors Open Winnipeg
    Saturday 28 May 16
    The Costume Museum presents an Accessory Exhibit. This exhibit will display women's and men's accessories from the Victorian era up to the 1950's. Admission free, donations greatly appreciated.
    Dalnavert Museum, 61 Carlton  
  • IODE Celebration
    Saturday 14 May 16 2:00 pm
    IODE celebration includes a showing of the Heritage Fashion Review
    3030 Notre Dame, Winnipeg, Manitoba  
  • Knox Presbyterian Church (Selkirk) Centennial
    Saturday 7 May 16 2:30 pm
    Knox Presbyterian Church Centennial celebration includes a showing of the Heritage Fashion Review
    Knox Presbyterian Church (Selkirk)  
  • Embellishment: Gilding The Lily in the Garment Industry
    Saturday 16 April 16 10:00 am
    Fabric and cut may be the foundation of the best clothes, but it takes a little added flash to make that garment a memorable one. From labourious hand-crafting to machined embroidery, embellishment can be found at every point in fashion history. Come learn about the ways that we use beading, threadwork, and trims to adorn ourselves. Whether it's Victorian lace, flapper beads or hippie fringe, you'll see that style is all in the details. There will be samples and garments from the Museum collection available for viewing.
    McNally Robinson  
  • Hats Off!
    Wednesday 25 November 15 7:00 pm
    A Fashion Show Celebrating Headwear from 1970-1970 A fundraiser in support of new programs and exhibits for the Costume Museum of Canada and Dalnavert Museum. Fashion Show followed by a reception, refreshments, and prizes. Tickets: 50 (includes partial tax receipt) available at 204-943-2835 or
    Dalnavert Museum Visitors Centre  
  • Corsetry: Bound For Perfection
    Monday 26 October 15 7:00 pm
    For centuries people have sought after the perfect ideal of physical beauty, and still do today. The means to attaining the ever changing 'perfect silhouette' have changed throughout the years. Come learn about the historical importance of the corset in creating that sought after hourglass figure and how it went from a utilitarian undergarment to an alluring symbol of sexuality. There will be examples of corsets, both historical and modern.
    McNally Robinson  
  • Fabricating Fashion: How Production Changed Our Clothes
    Friday 23 October 15 6:00 pm
    OPEN NOW September 26-October 23, 2015 The Costume Museum explores changes in apparel production from the days of hand sewing through domestic factories to the present day off-shore production of fast fashion. Tuesdays-Saturdays 12pm-6pm
    296 McDermot Avenue  
  • Hand Crafted to Fast Fashion: Manufacturing Changes & the Impact on Fashion
    Wednesday 7 October 15 7:00 pm
    Once upon a time clothes were hand made. The Industrial Revolution. The sewing machine. Mass production. Fast Fashion. Changes in manufacture impact the availability, quality and style of clothing, local and world economies and even the environment. Is this a happy ever after tale? A selection articles of clothing will accompany the lecture.
    McNally Robinson  
  • When I Grow Up: A Fashionable Allegory of Adolescent to Adult
    Saturday 30 May 15 11:00 am
    Red River Community College Open to the Public From miniature grownups to bobbysoxers to Youthquake and back again, sometimes it's easy to tell the teens from the adults in Western fashion, other times not so much. Come and learn the difference with the Costume Museum of Canada's latest exhibit for Doors Open Winnipeg 2015. Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm
    Red River Community College  
  • Ralph Connor House Centennial
    Thursday 21 May 15
    The University Women's Club  
  • Earl Grey School Centennial
    Friday 15 May 15
    Earl Grey School  
  • The Parkway
    Tuesday 12 May 15
    The Parkway Retirement Community  
  • The Wellington
    Sunday 10 May 15
    The Wellington Retirement Living  
  • St. Joseph's Residence Day 2
    Friday 8 May 15
    St. Joseph's Residence  
  • St. Joseph's Residence Day 1
    Thursday 7 May 15
    St. Joseph's Residence  
  • Lindenwood Terrace Hat Show
    Thursday 7 May 15
    Lindenwood Terrace  
  • Members Open House
    Wednesday 22 April 15 7:00 pm
    Much has happened since the CMC moved from Pacific and closed the public Gallery. Exciting things are happening….. and we want to share the excitement with you. Renew your membership today and join us for a glass of wine and an exclusive viewing of our Hat Show.
    Lindenwood Terrace  
  • St Boniface Diocesan High School
    Sunday 19 April 15
    St. Boniface Diocesan High School  
  • Black is the Only Black: Little Black Dress - Then, Now, Forever
    Thursday 16 April 15 7:00 pm
    Black has been worn for hundreds of years, but The LBD, a fashion item with its own moniker, was re-envisioned, presented and popularized by Coco Chanel. At its best, it is functional and chic, perfectly simple and sexy, trendy and timeless. Since 1926 The LBD – short and long, fitted and flowing, funky and fashionable – has held its place. Items from the Costume Museum collection will be on display.
    McNally Robinson  
  • Furs: History, Fashion, Canada
    Wednesday 4 March 15 7:00 pm
    Furs for fashion and warmth. Furs for fun and practicality, Furs – the economic building block of a new nation, Canada. Much maligned over the past 40 years by animal rights activists, furs form an inherent part of Canadian culture. For nearly 250 years, the fur trade was a vast commercial enterprise, intensely competitive, helping to sustain the exploration and eventual settlement of Canada. Come learn all about the furs popular at various times throughout Canada's history.
    McNally Robinson  
  • Beautiful Chaos: How Crazy Quilts (Briefly) Took Over America
    Monday 19 January 15 7:30 pm
    From the Industrial Revolution to the end of the Golden Age, the richly decorated Crazy quilt could be found draped over everything from couches to coffins. With thick embroidery and lush fabrics, this motley technique became popular enough to influence mass media, advertising, and textile manufacturing. Breaking every rule of traditional quiltwork, Crazy quilts were American women's answer to the constrictions of the Victorian age.
    McNally Robinson  
  • Past and Future Fashions
    Wednesday 3 December 14 6:00 pm
    You are invited to a Fabulous Fashion Show of beautiful outfits from the closets of the Costume Museum of Canada, along side gorgeous Runway fashions from LVIA's, this gem of a boutique in Winnipeg! Wine and appetizers, cake and coffee will be served. Tickets are $20.00 . Please text or call Andrea @ 204-290- 7034
    LVIA Fashion Boutique  
  • The Boulton Hat Show
    Wednesday 3 December 14 1:00 pm
    The Boulton Retirement Community  
  • Devonshire House 2 Hat Show
    Wednesday 26 November 14 2:00 pm
    Devonshire House 2  
  • Devonshire House 1 Hat Show
    Tuesday 25 November 14 2:00 pm
    Devonshire 1 House  
  • The Westhaven Hat Show
    Wednesday 19 November 14 2:15 pm
    The Westhave Retirement Home  
  • Dakota House Hat Show
    Monday 17 November 14 1:00 pm
    Dakota House  
  • Residence Dupin Hat Show
    Friday 7 November 14 2:00 pm
    Residence Dupin  
  • Hat Show
    Saturday 18 October 14 5:00 pm
    Private residence  
  • Sturgeon Creek Hat Show
    Friday 17 October 14 2:00 pm
    Sturgeon Creek Retirement Residence  
  • Concordia Village Hat Show
    Wednesday 15 October 14 2:00 pm
    Concordia Village Retirement Residence  
  • Black is the New Black: The Little Black Dress Then & Now
    Saturday 27 September 14 6:00 pm
    Main Floor- 250 McDermot Avenue Open to the Public Nuit Blanche Saturday September 27, 2014 …. 6 pm to 2 am Daily Monday to Saturday September 29 to October 11 Hours: Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Saturday 11:30 am to 6 pm Thursday & Friday: 11:30 am to 7:30 pm
  • Fashions of the First World War
    Monday 25 August 14 10:00 am
    This presentation will focus on World War I and Dress Reform Apparel, dress and fashion always reflect the political and social landscape of the era. The Great War brought profound and lasting changes in Canadian dress particularly for women. Prior to the war, women were heavily corseted under many layers. After the war women of the 1920s were, by contrast, in lightweight, loose-fitting garments masking the female figure. This presentation discusses the changes and the factors which made the changes happen. Examples of garments worn during the era will be modeled by museum volunteers. Seating is limited and pre-registration is required for all classes by calling 204-475-0483 or registering online at under the Community Classroom tab. Each class is $20 per person. All classes will take place in the Community Classroom inside McNally Robinson Booksellers located at 1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    McNally Robinson  
  • St Saviours Church Centennial Copy
    Sunday 4 May 14
    St Saviours Church Centennial celebration includes a showing of the Heritage Fashion Review
    St Saviours Church  
  • Festival of Tree and Lights
    Sunday 9 December 12
    The Heritage Fashion Review will be a part of this years Festival of Tree and Lights for the Manitoba Garden Conservatory.
  • Winnipeg Cultural Days Copy
    Monday 17 September 12
    The Costume Museum of Canada will be displaying articles from our collection as part of Winnipeg Cultural Days. Manitoba Museum – The 60's and 70's. King and Bannatyne Space – The 40's and 50's.
    Manitoba Museum  
  • MacBeth House Centennial Celebration
    Sunday 24 June 12
    The Centennial Celebration at MacBeth House includes the Heritage Fashion Review.
    MacBeth House  
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  • Tales from Grand Marais
    Sunday 24 June 12
    A display in conjunction with Tales from Grand Marais.
    Grand Marais Community Hall  
  • Doors Open Winnipeg
    Sunday 27 May 12
    Wedding Gowns: From the Victorian Era to the Millennium
    Millenium Centre  
  • Ladies Day Opening
    Sunday 20 May 12
    Pine Ridge Golf and Country Club  
  • Headingley United Church Centennial
    Saturday 1 October 11
    Headingley United Church Centennial celebration
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery Fundraiser
    Saturday 1 October 11
    The Little Black Dress
    Winnipeg Art Gallery  
  • The Hat Show
    Sunday 18 September 11
    Deer Lodge Seniors Group  
  • Nuit Blanche - Mad Men
    Saturday 10 September 11
    Manitoba Museum  
  • Lockport Centennial Celebration
    Monday 15 August 11
    An exhibit of period clothing.
  • Agricultural Days
    Saturday 6 August 11
    Kenora, Ontario  
  • Cartier Centennial
    Tuesday 14 June 11
    RM of Cartier Centennial in Elie
  • The Hat Show
    Thursday 19 May 11
    Austin Threshermen's Museum hosts The Hat Show
    Austin Threshermen's Museum  
  • The Hat Show
    Saturday 7 May 11
    Shaftesbury Park Retirement  
  • Mothers' Day show
    Friday 6 May 11
    Wedding Shows for Mothers' Day
    Sturgeon Creek I and II Retirement Homes  
  • Charleswood Centennial
    Wednesday 13 April 11
    Charleswood Centennial celebration
  • Land Surveyors Conference
    Monday 4 April 11
    Manitoba Land Surveyors Conference
  • St Andrews Anglican Church Centennial
    Friday 25 March 11
    St Andrews Anglican Church  
  • Little Black Dress
    Thursday 13 January 11
    Ruth Funk Textile and Arts Centre at Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida displays our travelling exhibit - The Little Black Dress
    Ruth Funk Textile and Arts Centre  
  • WHRA Christmas Luncheon
    Friday 17 December 10
    WHRA Main St offices  
  • CMC at Dakota Lawn Bowling
    Wednesday 8 December 10
    Two showings of the Heritage Fashion Review for Dakota Lawn Bowling
  • The Roy Family
    Wednesday 1 September 10
    Gabrielle Roy Museum  
  • Kenora's Railway Daze
    Saturday 28 August 10
    Kenora, Ontario  
  • Sturgeon Creek Retirement
    Saturday 29 May 10
    Sturgeon Creek Retirement  
  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Women's Tea
    Sunday 16 May 10
    Fort Garry Hotel  
  • Women's Institute Centennial
    Saturday 15 May 10
    Morris MB  
  • Seine River Retirement
    Saturday 8 May 10
    Seine River Retirement  
  • Doors Open Winnipeg
    Saturday 8 May 10
    Millenium Centre  
  • Parkway Retirement
    Thursday 6 May 10
    Parkway Retirement  
  • Riverview Health Centre
    Wednesday 5 May 10
  • Lower Fort Garry
    Friday 16 April 10
    Lower Fort Garry  

Upcoming events

  • Lac du Bonnet Centennial
    Sunday 28 May 17
    Lac du Bonnet